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I originally got into photography after buying my first camera to attempt to make short films.  It was a very rough start but I did elarn a lot over the years.   I have entered into various short film contests like the 48 hour film project, 72 hour film contest, and 29 days later in Baltimore which earned nominations and awards for the cast and crew.  In January of 2020 I started working with a group to bring to life our ideas and have fun while doing so.   Below are links and information on the films I have made working with that group, and other films I have had the chance to work on through networking.  I will be upating this as projects are completed and allowed to share.

Dans Noir- 48 Hour Film project Entry 2022

STICK UP music video

Capacity Fitness Hip Hinge

Ally Melnick Kettlebell Swing

Ally Melnick Class

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